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Mephisto Runoff's - Walking Shoes for optimal Comfort, Value & Utility


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Runoff footbeds are the most breathable, cushioned support for my feet. They give me such a comfortable walking experience!

The Mephisto Runoff family of walking shoes offer superior comfort and durability. They can be worn casual or when you’re modestly dressed up - for your big trip abroad,when you’re standing up all day or just to keep your feet pain free and happy!

  • Handmade by master shoemakers
  • Natural rubber multi-grip outer soles for durability and traction in the city or mountains
  • Soft padded tongue guard and heel collar prevent rubbing and pressure points
  • Soft-Air Technology shock-absorbing system reduces impact on feet, knees and lower back to insure tireless walking comfort
  • Removable Air-Jet insole circulates air to keep feet cool and dry
  • Recraftable: can be completely refurbished to like-new condition (including new outer-soles, insoles, laces, heel liners and stitch repair, polishing & conditioning)


“The Mephisto Match is the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned”
- Jacques in Seattle, WA

“We walked all over Europe for 3 weeks without any foot issues”
- Tom in Bellevue, WA

“These shoes changed my life”
- Stan in Bothell, WA

Mephisto Trail

  • The classic Mephisto men’s sneaker with a sporty lightweight design
  • With style and versatility, this shoe will provide hours of comfort in the gym or on the trail
  • Water resistant full grain leather uppers keep feet dry and comfortable

Mephisto Hike

  • A robust and comfortable walking shoe designed for all day comfort and support
  • Soft full grain leather uppers provide great cushion and padding
  • Unique speed-lacing system quickly adjusts to each foot ensuring a proper fit to reduce friction

Mephisto Match

  • A timeless style that’s an all-time worldwide customer favorite
  • Full grain leather uppers double stitched for durability
  • Smooth calfskin liners for breathability
  • Natural cork, leather and wool insoles wick moisture away while providing excellent arch support
  • Unique speed-lacing system quickly adjusts to each foot ensuring a proper fit to reduce friction