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Why Mephisto?

About Our Shoes

Why Mephisto?

If you’ve made it to this page… it’s probably because you have just recently discovered Mephisto. You might have read some reviews or maybe you were recommended to our brand from a friend or family member.

The truth is we don’t do a lot of advertising. Most of our business is word of mouth and our customers are our best sales people. These are people who took a chance on a pair of shoes and in some manner, that pair of shoes they purchased made an impact on their lives.

Maybe our shoes solved a foot problem. A colleague may have boasted about how he’s had the same pair for 25 years. A close friend may have exclaimed “These were the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned”, “These shoes changed my LIFE!”..., “I walked all over Europe for six weeks and never once did my feet hurt and I didn't have any issues…”

We hear this every day. Mephisto is a company that is different. It was founded over 50 years ago on a simple principle that still holds true today. Be the Best. What does that mean? We build shoes of the Highest Quality… You might say yeah, yeah, yeah… Everyone says that… But really, that’s our secret. It’s what enables a pair of shoes to last decades, while continuing to provide wearable service.

Finest grade materials and being hand made using the age old methods of a cobbler, we can tear your shoes apart when you’ve worn them out, and re-build them like new again with the original factory components. That’s what quality materials allow us to do. They hold up over time. It’s what you paid for and that’s what you get in every pair of Mephisto shoes.

Quality, Value, Wearable Service.

You might pay a little bit more for our shoes and wonder why? Most footwear products today are designed to wear out. When you look at your investment over time, a regularly worn pair of shoes will last approximately nine months to a year and half on average. Four to six months for an average pair of athletic shoes.

Mephisto shoes are Hand Made. By nature, we are not a throw-away product. Our Artisan Cobblers use age old methods to construct each pair by hand, some styles going through over 150 hands to construct a single pair of shoes.

Our shoes are designed to be re-built. When you’ve worn out a pair of Mephisto’s, we can tear it apart, fix the stitching, grommets, fasteners… re-line the heel counters. We replace the insoles, outer-soles, laces with the same original factory components, then polish and condition the shoes like new.

For a nominal fee, our recrafting service gives tremendous added value to our product while being environmentally friendly and reducing waste in our landfills.

When you compare the price of shoes that generally wear out after a year and you multiply that cost over several years, you will have spent much more on the cheap shoes, than had you invested in a pair of Mephisto’s that, if cared for, can last decades.

This doesn’t even factor why you came to Mephisto in the first place. Comfort. We are known for being the most comfortable brand of shoes you can buy. You will never get this level of comfort and wearable service from a product that uses inferior materials.

If you’re on the fence about a pair of Mephisto’s, our advice: Ask someone who has owned a pair. Or, give us a call. We might be a little bit biased, but we eat, sleep and breathe Mephisto. It’s in our blood, it’s who we are. We love helping people solve their footwear needs and we emphatically believe there is no better brand to do so. Take a chance - you may regret that you didn’t long ago… and you may discover for yourself, why we are The World’s Finest Footwear.